S. Beckett, Waiting for Godot


An ongoing series of images,  this set made at Kew Gardens. A waterlily pond - brimming with thick and buoyant leaves and punchy abstract shapes amidst the dark water.

Waterlilies - I have since discovered - are associated with hope, rebirth and optimism. Although I did not know this when I was shooting,  it is entirely appropriate as I had decided to focus my concentration on the dying, shrivelled leaves, looking to contrast them with the happy spontaneity of the new flowers. Contrasts and contradictions are an ongoing fascination of mine and none more so than those between life and death.

In recent months, two of our clients have died -  long before their time. Inevitably one immediately sees life as being just a little bit more precious. If it takes a death to show what life is worth, then the counterpoint to the loss must be the exquisite beauty of what we have, and an enhanced appreciation of it. 

These images have been sitting half-finished on my hard drive for some time now. Although I had recently started looking at them again,  the most recent of those deaths has motivated me to at least upload a small selection.

To Les and James. And all the rest.