About me

My approach to photography is greatly informed by my background in painting and I use various techniques to blur detail and abstract shapes in the landscape. My work straddles different genres and disciplines as I push away at boundaries in the search for my voice as an artist.

I am primarily driven by an exploration of colour and form. My objective is to bring an emotional element and an aesthetic balance to my work . I try to depict the subtleties of the landscape and am happiest making images from the smallest, most insignificant detail - the challenge being to portray the essence of what it is about my subject matter that has taken my eye.

I build up layers in my camera and so my workflow is an instinctive, stream of consciousness ramble through shape and colour, light and shade, rhythm and flow and unbridled imagination where each decision I make is predicated on the result of the last one. It is a totally immersive process where the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

I have been fortunate to have been tutored by some highly talented and inspirational professionals, most notably Jay Maisel and the time spent with him and his impressive array of guest speakers in New York continues to influence the way I approach my work.

I have been influenced by many great talents; some of my inspirations include aforementioned Jay Maisel .  Also  Raphael Shevelev,  Chris Friel , Rob Hudson , Paul Kenny ,  Doug Chinnery,  Fay GodwinErnst HaasAaron SiskindAndre KerteszVivian MaierSarah Moon, Arnold Newman, Klavdij SlubanAlexey TitarenkoCharlie Waite to name just a few. 

Painters whose work I particularly admire include Bonnard, Cezanne, Chagall, Diebenkorn, Kandinsky, Klee, Matisse, Rothko, Picasso,  Van GoghFrankenthaler and many others too numerous to mention.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

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