A picture paints a thousand words. So they say. Photography is undoubtedly the primary tool I use to express myself but idling through the linguistic genius of Robert Macfarlane, I have little doubt that his visceral prose fires the imagination in a way that a camera never could.
I share a love of words with Mr Macfarlane and the delightfully rhythmic title of this set was penned by that most romantic of poets, William Wordsworth. I have misappropriated it as it seems to perfectly describe my objective; i.e. the depiction of the close interaction and harmony that exists in the natural world.
Notwithstanding this overly flowery narrative, I might suggest that nature’s melody slowly insinuates its way into a still and quiet mind and to roost unobtrusively awhile in pastoral serenity is to become aware of an orchestra of sights, sounds and smells.
Stark minimalism has never much captured my interest; detail, clutter, confusion and imperfection holds far more appeal. The rhythmic dance of the natural world slowly unfolds and it is this multi-layered perspective that I have sought to capture in this ongoing series of images.
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