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The serenely beautiful ‘Fragile’ by @tanyards arrived in the post. The word ‘meditative’ comes to mind repeatedly.It’s one of the most beautiful and thoughtful photobooks I’ve seen in recent years.

Fragility and contradictions so beautifully represented!

 A fraction of photobooks are truly "Art", but this is definitely one of them. The beautiful "Fragile" by @tanyards

Finally got the beautiful Fragile. Life feels even more fragile now, but in a good, appreciative way. Thank you

All 3 books have surprised and delighted me, although @tanyards book has blown me away completely!

I am blown away by @TripleKiteBooks new book Fragile by @tanyards. Congrats to the talented artist and publishers!
A wonderful and insightful talk by @tanyards today and thanks for signing your book they were flying off the shelf
Feeling quite overwhelmed by the quality of imagery in @tanyards book "Fragile". Quite spectacular in a quiet way. Buy one immediately!
This has just arrived by @tanyards from @TripleKiteBooks - I can confirm its fabulous. I'm in awe, frankly.
Congrats on the book, the photographs are beautiful. Its coming to the Lakes with me today for a proper peruse.
First look through 'Fragile' - congratulations to @tanyards on a wonderful book and hats off to @TripleKiteBooks
Postman delivered this today - stuffed full of fantastic images from Valda Bailey, and all done with the usual Triplekite Publishing quality! My favourite Triplekite book so far
Book arrived today, excellent and inspirational, cheers Valda.
All 3 books have surprised and delighted me, although @tanyards book has blown me away completely!
Just received my copy of Valda Bailey's new book 'Fragile' through the post, complete with dedication in the back. Awwww 🙂 It is a GORGEOUS thing indeed! Each individual image is intricately beautiful. When viewed as a collection in this form, the separate pieces build into a sensory and imaginative creative world. In this sense, 'Fragile' is like a visual equivalent of the poetry collections of Selima Hill - what an inspiration!
....a brilliant day, @tanyards talk a real highlight, the Fragile images looked stunning projected
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